Our proposals


We are calling on the Government to prioritise these five key steps:

Prominent tobacco -style health warnings about excessive screen time and addictive nature of devices to be displayed on smartphone packaging and in all smartphone-related advertisements.

Smartphones use to be prohibited in schools and early-years settings (rather than current advisory guidance). Education on addictive smartphone behaviour, related mental health risks and child-appropriate phone alternatives to be included in the online safety curriculum

A Government or industry-funded campaign to raise awareness among parents and children of the risk of harms from excessive screen time and addictive behaviours associated with smartphone use.
A prohibition on the sale, supply and marketing of unrestricted smartphones and
applications to children until the end of Secondary School Key Stage 4 with the onus on suppliers to verify the age of users.

A licencing regime to create a new market for child-appropriate restricted smartphones and applications that meet narrow safety and appropriateness criteria set in law and overseen by an independent kite marking authority which prioritises children’s well-being, such as the Children’s Commissioner.

For a more detailed legislative overview of the demands contact us.
If we genuinely want things to be fairer, and we want our disadvantaged children to be socially mobile, the best thing I can do for them is getting them not to have a smartphone.
Katharine Birbalsingh CBE, Chair of Social Mobility Commission
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